5 Tech Job Hot Spots in The United States

Tech jobs have jumped the highest (in the last decade) in terms of two things: number of employment opportunities and salaries.

Employers are now realizing the tight market that they need to work on. It’s either they pay to hire the right candidates or retain current workforce. The latter would always be the option. Who would want to let go of people who have underwent extensive trainings and have good tenure in the organization? The tendency is to bump up their salaries to perhaps lure them to reconsider.

Aside from adjusting the basic pay, companies are now recognizing the need to set up performance-based incentive program, internal promotions and company-wide merit increase. Apart from monetary incentives, businesses also offer employees challenging assignments and the ability to telecommute.

So, where will you find these tech jobs hotspots in the United States? Here’s the map.

1. Silicon Valley

IT JobsNorthern California

This community for tech elites in the United States needs no further introduction. If you want to rub elbows with the giants like Google, Facebook and Apple Inc., this is the place where you want to be, or perhaps work.

If there is a dream destination for tech fanatics out there, it has to be Silicon Valley.

2. Silicon Alley

New York City Area

This is where internet and new media companies in the Big Apple are concentrated. It has been a favorite hub for startups such as DoubleClick, Roo, IAC and MediaMind.

3. Dulles Tech Corridor

Northeast Virginia Area

Located just a stone throw away from the Washington Dulles International Airport, Dulles Tech Corridor is recognized for housing big guns in technology and defense companies. Headquarters of Verisign, Amazon Web Services and Wikimedia Foundation are all here.

4. FL High Tech Corridor

Central Florida

FL High Tech Corridor is an economic and technological center formed by three universities: University of Central Florida, University of South Florida and University of Florida. They provide grants to tech enthusiasts and funding as well.

5. Silicon Beach

Southern California

This is a 3-mile area within the heart of Los Angeles. This is where most tech startups are thriving. Organizations that are in here include TestFlight, Porter, The Honest Company and GumGum.

When you are still in college or a self-taught information technology enthusiast, you have got to start somewhere. These hotspots might come in handy when you are ready to embark on a journey to the tech sphere.