Top 5 US Cities Where The Good Paying Tech Jobs Are

The boom of innovation within computer science and information technology sphere has paved the way for the proliferation of jobs with highly specialized skills in these fields. Many require college degree to qualify. Others are open for self-taught but experienced individuals. Well, take it from Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg – a degree will not always be just your key to success. But, it is important no matter what.

When the United States was hit by economic depression, massive jobs cuts were seen in the manufacturing and financial sectors. It was very minimal for the tech community. In fact, a number of companies have been posting vacancies for certain specialized positions.

IT and Tech Support Jobs

The list below will show you the cities that aggressively add tech-based jobs.

1. New York City (New York)

Where the big dream are realized – New York City! The Big Apple has more than 300,000 tech jobs to offer to qualified individuals. Pay scale can reach up to $100K for tech-based jobs, while those in other field can get up to $65K.

2. Washington DC

It is understandable that the country’s seat of power will be included in the list. After all, you need all the best tech guys in the world to work for the U.S. government and the military. There are nearly 300,000 tech-based jobs in here.

3. San Jose Valley/Silicon Valley (California)

The biggest and the brightest in tech are all here in Silicon Valley. California is not the only one that’s happy about it, but tech jobseekers as well. With more than 220,000 technology-related jobs, salary can be as much as $144K. The concentration of tech jobs in this city is the highest in the country. Just everybody you know in the neighborhood is techie.

4. Boston (Massachusetts)

The job growth related to information technology in Boston is following an upward trajectory. There are over 190,000 tech-based jobs in the Red Sox city. Pay grad is close to $96K.

5. Dallas – Fort Worth (Texas)

The bright lights of DFW will lead you to more than 176,000 jobs related to computer science and engineering. Techies working in this area can earn up to $84K. The founder of global tech company EDS was born in this city.

While these cities rank better than the others, it does not necessarily mean that there are no possible success story in other metropolitan areas.