10 Tips to Beef up Resumes of Technology Professionals

It’s difficult to imagine a world with oversupply of IT professionals. The technology sector is growing at a rapid pace that there will always be a job vacancy for the perfect candidate.

With the plethora of employment opportunities within this industry, you would wonder: should IT professionals still beef up their resumes? The answer is a resounding YES.

Here are some tips on how to ensure that the employers will notice your resume.

  1. Perfecting Your IT ResumeIt has to be simple and straightforward. Make as concise as possible. No more than two pages that should be read within just 10 seconds.
  2. Avoid the fancy layout and fonts. Black type font against a white paper is the standard.
  3. Create simple readable format that should be easily viewed in any computers or mobile phones.
  4. Make the first page as stellar as possible. You have to be reminded that most employers would read halfway down the page and will decide from there if they are going to continue reading or will throw the entire thing into the trash bin.
  5. Using the chronological order would do the trick. Start with recent employment and then work backwards. Do the same for education portion.
  6. Remove objectives or summary portion. No one reads this part, anyway. It is just all fluff and is not relevant.
  7. Use the power of “bold” fonts for numbers, percentages and statistics. These numbers tell stories. If you highlight these, there is a big chance that the employer’s attention will be caught.
  8. Eliminate vague keywords such as excellent communication skills, technical support skills, expertise in troubleshooting. They lack meaning.
  9. Highlight accomplishments, not just your job functions. An employer would be more interested on how effective you are in your role versus mere job descriptions.
  10. Quality writing matters. Proofread your resume before sending these out. Grammatical errors would likely to cause you an interview opportunity.

Why are people so obsessed in their resume that they spend time, money and effort to make sure that they have something very good to send out to prospect employers? Simply because, this is the only thing that a person can control during the entire job search process.

People agonize over their resumes because this is a representation of them and will be the first touch base with employers. But, it is not just about the resume. It does not have the powers to land you a job instantly. However, it can increase your potential to get interviewed and present yourself better face to face.