Ideal Jobs for Technical Moms Who Want to Work at Home

There is a wide range of options available for moms, ideally technical moms searching for home-based jobs. When exploring your available options, choose jobs that require a technical background. It is possible for technical moms to land on home-based jobs that give handsome pays due to the increasing demand and fewer workers available than other industries.

One of the most ideal home-based jobs for moms is as a Tech Support. If you have called a toll-free number of technical assistance, you probably have been transferred to another agent that will help you resolve the issues. That agent is practically a home-based worker. In most cases you might not know about this since you dialed the number of the company and it is as if you are dealing with someone who is really working works in the office.

Working Tech Jobs from Home

In this type of work, your employer will provide you special equipment to use so you can do your job and make it sound as though you are really working in an office. In addition, you will get software in order to directly connect to supervisors or other technical support staff just in case there are some issues that you can’t resolve alone. This is definitely a great home-based job for those moms that have relevant skills. The only disadvantage to this is that it won’t offer you much flexibility in the work hours. Like any other call center jobs, you have to be available on the time your employer assigned you with. However, you get to select your hours upfront.

Another job for you is web designing. You don’t have to be extremely knowledgeable in order for you to create a good website. In fact, little knowledge in HTML coding will do. This is true especially with so many user-friendly tools that are available today. There are many web builder tools you can download for free. You can definitely have a job with no initial investment.

The important requirements are your technical skills necessary for customization purposes. You can easily learn the eccentricity of the program you choose as there are a lot of forums and tutorials to take advantage of for various software programs.

Moms looking for technical home-based jobs can also apply as a technical writer. Your technical skills combined with your writing skills allow you to apply for freelance writing jobs. There are writing jobs that will require you to have technical skills to qualify. Most writers do not have such skills making this great home-based job to help you get in the arena of freelance writing. Common tasks that can be given to you may include white papers on technical issues, writing user manuals and blog posts on tech news and trends.

To get more valuable information, you can visit freelance writing job sites for technical writing positions and have at least to samples ready to be submitted to your future employers.

If you are a tech-savvy mom, try Technology Consulting as a job. There are available home-based jobs in consulting such and technology consulting is one of them. If you work with technology, then you are already a problem solver and the skills you have can be leveraged by applying as a consultant. In this type of job, you typically give recommendations to companies to help them in resolving technical issues which keep their businesses from operating and running well. Employers can accept the advice that you have given and in return, you will be paid for it. They might even offer short term and long term projects.

These are some of the technical home based jobs you can give a try. Apply for jobs that match both your skills and interests so you will learn to love your work and enjoy doing it.

What Do Tech Giants Look for in Applicants?

The evolution and innovation in technology have paved the way for the big companies to rake billions of dollars and become main drivers of global economy. And, who would not want to join their bandwagons?

A lot of young hopefuls are now convinced that IT certification will drive their career to success. Anything related to software engineering, programming, web development, mobile applications, cloud computing and database management are sure to beef up bank accounts in the near future.

While you are mastering Javascript, HTML, PHP, cloud models and other IT-related turfs, you must remember that hard skills are not enough for you to get a nod from big tech companies today. Many of them are after behaviors and attitudes that no training can develop.

  1. Find Tech Support JobsTeam player – Skills are extremely important. Excellent knack for coding is a plus. But, search engine mogul Google is looking for a person who can thrive and work within a team. They are particularly looking for good collaborators that can be comfortable with ambiguity. After all, Google was founded by not just one brain. Sergey Brin and Larry Page put together their efforts and dreams to build one of the largest and diverse tech organizations in the planet.
  2. Passionate – The word passion may sound quite vague for some. But, for most tech companies, they are eager to hire candidates who are passionate to provide excellent user experience. They would opt for someone who fervently drives excellence in data development, software engineering and content.
  3. Daring – No success comes without risking. Steve Jobs gambled on reviving the dying mobility industry with the launch of iPhones and iPads. The ability to present predictive models and their insights of the future are rare but highly valuable.
  4. Creative – Thinking out of the box is what separates the best from the rest. Facebook has created a different social networking platform that lured billions of users in less than 5 years. Instagram saw the opportunity of a social media through photo filtering and sharing. A little bit of crazy plus skills is a deadly combination.
  5. Resilient – Market demands are constantly changing. Someone who can easily adapt to changes can be a good asset to the organization. Most self-taught IT professionals are sturdier with changes than those who are educated inside academes whose principles are molded by industrialists rather than their own discovery.

The competition in the job market is tough. People are trying to get themselves more training and education to gain advantage over other candidates.

In-Demand IT Jobs in the Market

Are you still in college and deciding which course to take that will prepare you for a long-standing career in the future? Considering fields in the information technology is a good starting ground.

The world’s attention is looming around IT and the limitless horizon of the industry. If you are in it for adventure and big money, here are some of the in-demand tech jobs in the market today.

Web Developer

This is perhaps the job for the “jack of all trades”. From web development, applications testing, web content and many others. If you want to embark on this profession in the future, you will have to have a good grasp and understanding of a good operating system. You also need to be expert with the following: HTML, Javascript and other programming languages. The more talented guys can create visually stunning and optimized websites.

Estimated yearly earning of web developers: $90,000.00

Software Engineer

IT and Tech Support Jobs

If you are noodling around creating video games and programs running on mobile devices, you might want to pursue a career as a software engineer. The big advantage of this profession is that you can thrive in different niches and industries.

Estimated yearly earning of web developers: $90,000.00

Mobile Applications Developer

Thanks to iOS and Android, the world is completely embracing mobility. Everyone nowadays owns a smartphone, a tablet or both. The reason why you can access applications through your iPhone is because of these tech guys.

Big companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon are always in the lookout for excellent mobile applications developer for their applications.

Estimated yearly earning of mobile applications developer: $90,000.00

Cloud Architect

You must be living under the rock if you have not heard of the tech jargon, cloud or cloud computing. This makes use of virtualization to store data. Several companies around the world are adapting cloud due to significant savings in operating costs and increase in competitive edge. As cloud architects, you will design and engineer cloud model and services for companies that offer managed hosting solutions.

Estimated yearly earning of mobile applications developer: $112,000.00

Database Administrator

If you have the knack for details and problem-solving, being a database administrator must be the perfect job for you. These IT professionals undertake the upgrading, fine-tuning and testing modifications of databases of companies.

Estimated yearly earning of mobile applications developer: $103,000.00

Another good thing about taking up IT courses is just like Math, programming languages, are universal. This only means that you have more chances in snatching lucrative job opportunities even abroad.