The Happiest Workplaces for Tech Savvy Employees

Are you happy with your job? Are you still motivated, or do you drag yourself to work every single day? If you no longer find a purpose in going to work other than you need to earn money, you might be in some big trouble.

The next question would be: why many tech savvy folks find more fulfillment in their jobs than other non-tech employees?

  • Tech-based jobs are not as routinary as other jobs
  • Problem solving and decision making have to be accomplished almost everyday, making their lives less boring
  • They are paid relatively higher than usual
  • They are provided with better benefits – talk about Google where they provide free food, haircut, dental assistance, fitness centers and tons more

Customer Support and Tech Support Center

So, where will you find the happiest of the gleeful tech-based workers?

1. Intuit

You may be surprised that a software company that prepares financial and tax documents topped the list. Well, it’s all about the management no matter how tough and pivotal the roles are. The company’s headquarters is at Mountain View, California.

2. Texas Instruments

The Dallas-based semiconductors giant ranks second on the list. They are the world’s largest producer of digital signal processors and analog semiconductors.

3. Avaya

Avaya rules the world in terms of providing business communication and collaboration systems needs of clients globally. They supply contact centers with networking and unified communications services. They operate internationally and their main office is at Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

4. Google

The Google guys definitely know what will make their employees blissful. It’s like the dream place of anyone who goes crazy over freebies. Not to mention that they have relatively young and dynamic founders in Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google’s presently based in Palo Alto, California.

5. EMC

The guys from Hopkinton, Massachusetts have made fortune by being able to go with the changes by way of innovation and reinvention. EMC Inc. is now a global leader in cloud solutions, virtualization, data storage and information security.

6. Intel

You can find their logos in every laptops and personal computers all over the world. Intel is the go to company for chip making. The “Pentiums” although quickly becoming a thing of the past, have made the organization reaped billions of dollars in global market. Their headquarters can be found in Santa Clara, California.

It is quite interesting to note that not money is the ultimate basis of happiness in these workplaces. Work-life balance and positive relationship with co-workers were cited as primary reasons of contentment and bliss.