How to Contact Verizon Tech Support

Verizon Communications is one of the largest and most notable telecommunications companies in existence. It serves millions of customers, many of whom use the company’s wireless telephone service. However, Verizon also offers a number of other telecommunications services from broadband Internet access to fixed-line television service. Since the company deals with so many technologically advanced offerings, its customers often need help when it comes to technical support. Those who have wondered how to contact Verizon tech support become confused, sometimes, because they are unsure how to reach the people who can help them. Thankfully, contacting Verizon tech support is simple, but it is necessary for consumers to know which divisions of the company to contact.

Contact Verizon Tech SupportVerizon tech support is available for all of the company’s offerings, whether customers are residential or business users of the company’s services and products. Verizon maintains a strong support staff of experts to help with a variety of issues. Wireless telephone tech support is provided for the company’s many mobile phone customers, and this type of support extends to those who use the Verizon network for Internet connections. For example, an individual might have a wireless plan that includes Internet access for his or her tablet or mobile Wi-Fi device. Therefore, he or she might want to contact the company for tech support for help with a phone, tablet, mobile hotspot or the network itself.

Verizon also offers tech support for those who use the company’s FiOS services, which include Internet and television. Additionally, help is provided for those who require assistance with land lines, DSL, security and home monitoring. Regardless of the reason for contacting support, consumers should feel confident about the ease with which they can reach personnel who can help them.

Best Ways to Contact Verizon Tech Support

The easiest way to contact Verizon tech support is through the company’s website. Mobile phone and mobile broadband users should visit the website for the best service. When there, they can simply click on the link for Support at the top of the page. Then, they can select from a list of options. Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, lists are available on the website, but online chat options are also available. Additionally, wireless customers can dial *611 from their devices to be connected with customers service representatives. What’s more, consumers can email support directly by using a form on the website.

Wireless customers have some additional options for contacting support. Toll-free telephone access is provided by calling 800 922 0204. Additionally, they can send inquiries via the US Postal Service by mailing to the Verizon Wireless Customer Service Department at 777 Big Timber Road in Elgin, IL. The zip code is 60123.

Verizon customers that use the company’s non wireless services have a number of ways to reach technical support options, also. The best way is to visit the website From there, consumers can click on the Support link at the top of the web page, then follow the appropriate prompts depending upon the type of service that requires assistance. Once consumers have chosen the appropriate links, they are offered options for email, telephone and web chat support.