How To Contact Skype Tech Support

Skype is a popular software application which allows users of desktop and laptop computers, tablet PCs and Android or iOS devices to place VoIP calls or chat via text to other users. The software was initially released in 2003, and rapidly grew in popularity, offering both free services and more advanced paid features. In 2011, Microsoft bought the heavily favored software platform for $8.5 billion dollars. Skype allows free users to have unlimited voice conversations and text chats with other users who are signed into the program, while paid users are given the opportunity to buy credits, allowing them to use the VoIP telephone number assigned by Skype as an active number. This allows the user to both place and receive calls from land line telephones or cell phones. Skype can also be used as a platform for video conferencing and file transfer between users, making the software effective for both personal and business use. Skype offers technical support for both free and paid users.

Contacting Skype Tech Support Online

How to Contact SykpeLike many tech companies and software platforms, Skype’s primary method of offering technical support is via a knowledge base on their website, located at This knowledge base allows users to search their question or issue to see if the answer they are looking for is already available on the Skype website. A list of the most commonly asked questions is available on the site, as is a list of guides on how to use Skype for a variety of purposes. Commonly asked questions can also be browsed by topic, including calling, video calling, messaging, technical issues, account support, Skype for devices, Skype for business and other topics. The knowledge base webpage also allows users to connect with the Support Forum, located at, in order to discuss any questions or issues that may not have been covered by the knowledge base itself.

Skype users whose questions were not answered by the knowledge base also have the option of speaking to a technical support representative by initiating a Live Chat. Technical support contact information is posted on their website, located at In order to initiate a chat, a user should click the Live Chat link. They will be prompted to sign into their Skype account and select the topic of their question. They will be provided with common technical information about that topic. If that information is not helpful, they can then continue the support request via a live chat by clicking Continue Support Request and selecting the live chat option. When going through this process, the user will also be given the option of sending an email support request via a website template. A direct email address is not provided.

Contacting Skype Technical Support Via Other Methods

Currently, the only methods of accessing technical support for the Skype software platform are through the knowledge base located on their website as well as via email or live chat. Telephone technical support is not currently available to Skype users. Skype has not publicized a postal address at which they can be reached for any technical support queries.