How To Contact Samsung Tech Support

Samsung is one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile devices, TVs, Blu-ray and DVD players, home theater systems, projectors, photography equipment and office devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablet PCs, monitors, printers and storage devices. With such a wide variety of products on the market, it is necessary for Samsung to have effective and comprehensive technical support available to consumers. Samsung products are used by people of all technical levels, and therefore, having a variety of methods by which technical support can be contacted is necessary to make their support truly effective. Contacting Samsung technical support is simple and may be done in several ways.

Contacting Samsung Technical Support Online

Contact Samsung Tech SupportSamsung provides a support website which allows users to access a wide variety of technical support information that may help them solve their problem without actually needing to contact the technical support team. Since some issues are easy to troubleshoot and remedy, this can save time for both users and tech support staff. By visiting the Samsung support site, located at for American users, a user can download device manuals that may have been lost, drivers that are required to make products work, firmware for a variety of devices and software necessary to ensure device compatibility.

The support site also provides thorough FAQs, which can answer some of the most frequently asked questions for those in need of tech support. The site also provides step by step instructions for the setup and use of Samsung devices. Mobile devices, TV and video equipment, photography equipment and office devices are all included in Samsung’s technical support. Devices can be located via model number or by searching through an easy to understand menu of devices manufactured by the company. Product support videos which detail tips, tricks, how to guides and product overviews are also available. By visiting the contact page of the support site, located at, users can enter a live chat with a Samsung tech support representative at any time on any day.

Other Methods Of Contacting Samsung Technical Support

For users who are unable to solve their technical support query using the website or live chat, technical support is also available by email. The support site provides a comprehensive email system in which the user is first asked to select their specific product, then asked what their inquiry is regarding and finally given the most common questions and answers for their specific product and issue before being prompted to continue with the email if necessary. The site then allows the user to provide information about their product as well as their first and last name, zip code, email address, phone number and their question for technical support. Files such as screenshots of error messages or other information may be attached to the email via the website.

For users unable to use other forms of technical support or who may lack a device or working Internet connection with which to do so, support is also available by phone. Mobile phone users should call 1-888-987-HELP. Questions about Samsung apps should be directed to 1-888-899-7609. Queries about laptops, printers, Galaxy Tabs and other products should be directed to 1-800-SAMSUNG. Hard disk drive issues can be solved by calling 1-800-732-4283. Business users should call 1-866-SAM4BIZ, and, finally, the hearing impaired should call 1-888-899-7608 for support. A postal address is not provided for contacting the company.