How To Contact Google Tech Support

When many people think of search engines, their mind immediately turns to Google. As one of the most popular search engines worldwide, Google receives many daily visitors and has become a household name. In addition to their search services, the company also provides a multitude of other very popular and practical services for users. The company provides their own free web browser, Google Chrome, and has linked with media sharing giant YouTube, allowing users with a Google account to upload multimedia content using the site. In addition, Google offers an image editing and sharing service, the ability to find maps and directions as well as see many locations on the planet via satellite cameras, free email accounts, the Google+ social networking site, a calendar, a virtual drive, text and website translation and much more.

Contacting Google Tech Support Online

With so many products and services available to users, it goes without saying that Google absolutely must have a technical support base to handle problems and answer questions from their many worldwide users. Accessing Google’s tech support system online is easy. In order to ask a question or report an issue, users should visit Google’s contact page, located here. On this page, users are given the option to search the help center with their question, select a product that they are having trouble with or directly browse the help center, located here.

When a user types in their query, Google automatically matches their question with known issues in the product forum and brings up search results that may be relevant. When a user directly selects the Google product that their issue regards, they are taken to the help page for that product. On that help page, the user can peruse a variety of helpful guides or be directed to the Google+ help forum, where queries can be answered. Direct contact via email is not offered as a tech support option by Google at this time, however, using the Google+ help form for technical support can allow users whose queries are not able to be answered by existing guides and posts to find the help that they need.

Contacting Google Tech Support Via Telephone or Postal Mail

While they are not specifically provided as a technical support resource for customers, Google does provide the telephone number, fax number and street address of their main headquarters as well as the locations of other offices worldwide.

To reach Google by telephone, dial +1 650 253 0000
To reach Google by fax, send a fax to +1 650 253 0001
To reach Google by postal mail, send inquiries to:

Google Inc.
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Google has over 70 offices worldwide located in over 40 countries. In order to find the postal address or phone number for any of these locations, users can visit Google’s Locations page, located here, and click on the office nearest to them for their postal address, telephone number and fax number. Technical support is not promised by this contact information but it is the only means given to reach Google directly.