How To Contact Facebook Tech Support

Boasting a user base of over one billion users, Facebook is an extremely popular social networking site and one of the most frequently visited websites worldwide. Thanks to Facebook’s many services, which include free basic accounts, applications, games and communication via live chat, private messaging and public message posts, users of all ages and technological capabilities are connected to the Internet and communicating with friends near and far. With a user base as large and varied as Facebook has, there is a definite need for technical support which is accessible and comprehensible to people of many different ages and levels of ability around the world, something that the company has taken into consideration.

Contacting Facebook Technical Support Online

When a Facebook user has a technical question or problem, they are initially guided to type a query regarding their situation. For a user who is logged in, this dialog box can be accessed by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right hand corner of the blue header which appears on all pages while using the site. By selecting the Help option, the user will bring up a dialog asking them what they need help with as well as giving them topic options including managing the news feed, sharing, notifications, ticker and privacy. If the user’s issue falls outside of these categories, they can access the Help Center, located here, by clicking Visit the Help Center. In order to directly report a specific issue to the Facebook staff, a user can select Report a Problem in that same menu. This will allow the user to send a message to a staffer regarding a site problem, abuse, policy violations or other issues.

If the user does not need to speak to someone directly, the help center can allow them to learn more about account management, security and privacy on Facebook, Timeline profiles, the news feed or home page, sharing of information, messaging, connecting, popular Facebook features, the Facebook Mobile application for iOS and Android, applications, games, credits, Facebook fan page management, ads and sponsored stories. The help center also gives users the ability to report an issue or access the Facebook community forum.

Other Forms of Facebook Technical Support

Currently, Facebook does not offer technical support to users via telephone, email or postal mail. The development of their help center has created a centralized system which can answer most technical questions asked by Facebook users as well as give those users an opportunity to report any issue they feel has not been addressed. The amount of users that Facebook has and the fact that the vast majority of their services are free makes it implausible for the web site to offer technical support beyond their help center and messaging system. However, the help center functions as an extremely comprehensive guides to the ins and outs of Facebook use, including many of the most common user concerns such as privacy, data sales and sharing and the avoidance of harmful games or applications.