How To Contact Best Buy Tech Support

Best Buy, a consumer electronics retail corporation which has stores in America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and China, is one of the most popular locations for the purchase of a wide variety of products. TVs, home theater equipment, stereos, speakers, mp3 devices, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, computers, tablets, GPS systems, office peripherals, health, fitness and sports products, movies, music, musical instruments, video games, toys, home accessories and appliances are among the many products marketed by Best Buy. With over a thousand stores across their operative countries, Best Buy has been a part of the consumer electronics market for some time. Their proprietary technical support team, Geek Squad, is a well known aspect of their end user services.

Contacting Best Buy Technical Support Online

How to Contact Best BuyAs a retailer, Best Buy offers a variety of products which are made by different manufacturers. As such, for many products, seeking technical support through the store itself is not as effective for a user as directly contacting the manufacturer of a product with technical questions or issues. However, Best Buy’s Geek Squad is a functioning team of computer experts who provide technical support for a variety of devices. Because the products sold by Best Buy are not directly manufactured by the retailer, their technical support is considered an additional option rather than an entitled feature by virtue of purchase. As such, accessing tech support through Geek Squad requires that a user sign up and pay for a support plan via the Geek Squad website, located at

Geek Squad offers tech support plans which cover 24/7 repairs and maintenance for a variety of devices, including cameras and camcorders, car electronics, computers, e-readers, gaming devices, GPS units, health and fitness equipment, home theater equipment, major appliances, mobile phones, mp3 players and musical instruments. With these plans, repair or replacement of a malfunctioning device is guaranteed. For users looking for an unlimited tech support plan through Geek Squad, a technical support plan which includes regular virus removal, computer tune ups and Internet security software. This service, which starts at $9.99 per month, allows users to receive live support by chatting with an agent online in addition to in store support.

Contacting Best Buy Technical Support Via Other Means

Because Best Buy’s Geek Squad is an entity onto itself which offers repair and replacements, one of the most common ways of contacting the technical support professionals is by physically visiting the retailer to discuss the malfunctioning product. Geek Squad additionally provides in home technical support to users for up to 90 minutes at a rate of $49.99 for each visit. If an in home visit or trip to the retailer is not necessary, users can contact one of Best Buy’s Geek Squad experts by dialing 1 800 433 5778. Contact via live chat and telephone is available at unlimited rates to users with a Geek Squad tech support plan. Support is available for up to PCs, Macs or tablets, regardless of where the items were purchased. Best Buy does not currently offer a postal address for technical support queries.