How To Contact AT&T Tech Support

AT&T, one of America’s first providers of telephone service, has greatly expanded their scope of services since their origins in the late 1800s. At their inception, AT&T was at the forefront of innovation, bringing new technology to the masses. This business model has continued for the corporation over the years as it has changed and evolved, and the company remains a household name. One of the most popular providers of wireless devices, digital televisions, Internet service and home phone service in the United States, AT&T has a place in many American households. Like all companies that offer technical services, it is necessary for AT&T to offer comprehensive and accessible technical support. Support for AT&T’s products and services is available both online and via telephone.

Contacting AT&T Technical Support Online

Like many companies that provide technical services, AT&T primarily relies on a knowledge base, located here, to allow users to learn about products, troubleshoot devices and have the opportunity to find the answers to their own questions. By using a knowledge base in this fashion, the company is able to save time for both the user and technical support employees by providing easy access to commonly asked questions and solutions to common device or service issues. AT&T provides support information for all of their products and services. The knowledge base provided to users offers tutorial videos which help users to understand the specifics of many provided products and services. Device specific help is also available to users in the form of a device how-to guide section. Users are given the opportunity to troubleshoot any product or service as well as estimate data usage for mobile and home Internet plans.

For users who can not solve their issue or answer their question using the knowledge base, a live chat option is available. The live chat is accessed by clicking Live Chat on the right hand side of the AT&T Support Center header. Selecting this option allows the user to select their product, describe their issue and choose from a variety of live chat options. If users wish to email AT&T regarding their query, they can click on Contact Us at the bottom of the Support page to access a contact page, located here. Some options on this page will offer the ability to email AT&T directly via a website email template that is located here.

Contacting AT&T Technical Support Via Other Methods

AT&T offers a variety of tech support helplines via telephone. By clicking on the Call Us link located on the right side of the AT&T Support Center header, users will be taken to the telephone contact page, located here.

Customers in need of technical support for wireless devices should call 1 800 331 0500 or dial 611 from their AT&T wireless phone.
International wireless customers should call 1-800-335-4685.
U-Verse TV users should call 1 800 288 2020 for technical support.
DirecTV users should call 1 800 288 1145.
Dish Network users should call 1 866 722 7500.
Technical support for home internet is available at 1 866 722 3425, 24 hours a day.

AT&T does not currently provide a postal address for technical support contact.