Finding a Tech Support or Help Desk Job

The field of information technology is one which is highly competitive due to the number of individuals in the field who are seeking work at any given time. While there are many jobs within the industry, attaining one that is near the top of the potential pay grade for the field requires a distinct competitive edge. There are a variety of ways that individuals within the field can distinguish themselves from other applicants, but regardless, most wind up working their way up through the field. Some of the most common starting positions for workers in the information technology field are tech support and help desk jobs. While many of these positions are available, the competition for them can still be fierce. Finding your own competitive edge can take an investment of time and some wise decisions, but both investments pay off when seeking employment. Here are a number of ways that people in the industry make themselves more employable before searching for a tech support or help desk job.Finding Your Ideal Specification

The field of information technology is a broad one, encompassing most dealings with computers and the Internet. As such, there are a variety of specializations available for individuals who are seeking a certification or degree program. Choosing a specialization will create a curriculum for your degree or specification that guides you towards advanced knowledge in one specific area, such as software programming, web programming or network administration. Choosing a specification makes you more employable to companies that are looking for employees who have a wide berth of knowledge on certain topics. For example, a company that designs software will be more interested in hiring someone who specializes in software programming than someone else who simply has an information technology degree or certification.

Build A Resume That Your Ideal Employer Wants To Read

Tailoring a resume can be frustrating and time consuming, but it is also extremely necessary if you want to find the ideal tech support or help desk job. When your resume lands on the desk of someone who is responsible for selecting ideal job candidates, that resume needs to speak to that person for you to even get your foot in the door. Therefore, your resume must be tailored to the attainment of an IT job. To begin, consider which resume type is really ideal for you.

If you have employment experience in the IT field, a standard resume may be just what you need; however, if most of your experience took place in college or technical school without pay, consider a curriculum vitae, or CV. A CV allows you to detail your scholastic experience, grades and any awards or special programs you participated in. You want your resume to give a solid idea of your knowledge within the IT field, so avoid listing high school jobs and unrelated work if possible. Choose references who are professional and aware of your proficiency in the field, such as teachers. Consider asking those references for letters of recommendation. Finally, be sure to write a professional and eloquent cover letter which details your career goals.

Get An Education

Whether you choose certification, a two year degree or a four year degree, this need cannot be emphasized enough. In the highly competitive field of information technology, finding a decent job- and sometimes, finding a job at all- requires that you either go to college or seek out a certification. Many employers won’t even look twice at a resume from someone who doesn’t have a degree or certification, and statistically, it is the only way to reach the top of the pay grade for the field. In order to both be hired and advance within a company, pursuing higher education of some type is a must.