Companies Offering Tech Support Jobs

Several types of companies offer tech support jobs for prospective employees. Tech support specialists are some of the most important workers in a particular company. They often serve as a vital link between the customers and the companies. If a customer has trouble with a particular piece of computer software, they will likely talk to a tech support specialist first. The specialist will help them figure out how to get the software working again if it’s possible. These friendly voices over the phone help to create the fact of a company. They are usually the first impression a customer makes about a company’s willingness to serve its customers.

Customer Support and Tech Support CenterOne of the best places to look for companies hiring tech support specialists is in software companies such as Java. The software always changes, and sometimes people don’t know how to update it correctly to work with their computers. Similar companies to Java also need tech support to keep their loyal customer base happy and using the products correctly. The customers always appreciate a friendly voice on the other end of the telephone. It’s a proven fact that customer service is one of the most important traits of a company that people look for when they want to buy something new. Good tech support personnel make a business stand out even more than great products do alone.

Other companies that offer tech support jobs include large companies such as Apple. Not only can you us your tech support expertise to help their customers use their technology correctly, but you can also work with Apple employees to make sure their working equipment is running properly. A corporation as large as Apple has plenty of computers that work to keep the company going. You have to have a great handle on computer technology to apply for one of these jobs.

Schools always need tech support positions as well. The school networks serve students and faculty at the same time. The students use computers for completing research and homework. Teachers use computers to keep track of grades and to use videos and online reading materials to plan their lessons. Secretaries and administrative personnel use computers to do their administrative work. Schools always need talented tech support personnel to help them out in technological emergency. The school’s computers must always be online for everyone to use. The tech support professionals defend computers from privacy threats as well, which makes their jobs even more important.

You could easily get a tech support job if you have the right qualifications. Companies need energetic, people-oriented problem solvers to make a difference in their businesses. The tech support personnel with the best job prospects include those who have plenty of experience and those who are geographically mobile.

Typical Salary for Work at Home Jobs

Most people don’t know that jobs worked from home and provide even higher salaries than jobs worked in traditional office settings. There are a few good reasons for this. People who work from home and make a career out of it are extremely motivated individuals who need little to no supervision to work well. They know that they need to complete their work efficiently and correctly all the time in order to make their managers happy. Even if salaries are the same for office positions and positions from home, the savings on gas and buying lunch add up quickly.

Tech support workers who work from home generally earn good salaries. Exact figures certainly depend on a number of factors, including geographic location, individual companies, and your work experience. Tech support professionals usually end up making roughly 14 to 15 dollars per hour when they start their careers from home. They have this ability because they rarely have to interact with customers face to face. They only need to have access to email and phone conversations to help people fix their computers, software, and other objects. Tech support professionals enjoy the ability to work from home in an unsupervised environment. There are plenty of great tech job sites for you to browse through to see what’s available in your area.

Working Tech Jobs from HomeActuary scientists have the highest paying jobs that can be performed from a home office setting. Actuaries work for insurance companies. They use top notch math skills to determine how risky a customer would be for a particular insurance plan. Because they work with facts and statistics almost exclusively, they are often able to arrange work from home positions. They can make 100,000 dollars easily per year given their vital roles in the insurance industry. Actuaries are motivated individuals who don’t need someone to tell them how to do their jobs. They know their jobs better than anyone else does.

A business intelligence analyst can also have a rewarding career outside of the usual office environment. They use statistics to determine how a business should proceed with marketing toward particular clusters of customers. It’s important for them to maintain professional relationships with their business as well as the allies and partners of their business. For that reason, they can’t work exclusively from home. They still need to put in some occasional time in a real office to keep their relationships strong with face to face interaction. Nevertheless, they are easily able to negotiate a lot of their work in their own home. They typically make 70,000 dollars per year.

Working from home is a dream for many people, but it does take a lot of hard work. You may not get a position where you can work from home until you demonstrate to your company that you know what you’re doing. A motivated and efficient worker has the best chance to acquire these positions.

Work at Home Tech Support Benefits

Working Tech Jobs from HomeThe Digital Age in which we live means that there are more technical jobs being created every day. One of the best ways to work a tech job is at home. There are many corporations that are offering their employees the chance to work at home, providing technical support both over the phone and online. There are many wonderful benefits to doing work at home tech support, while also giving you the option to earn a salary. Keep reading to discover all the joys of providing customers tech support from your own home.


One of the primary benefits of working a tech support job at home is the opportunity to work in complete comfort. If you want to show up at work in your pajamas, you can do it when you work at home. IF you don’t feel like getting out of bed, you can go ahead and start work without leaving the mattress. You can listen to whatever music you want to when you are not on a call.

You can completely control the environment in which you work when you are doing a tech support job in the comfort of your own home. You can work when you are sick without worrying about giving coworkers your germs. There is really nothing better than the convenience of doing tech support jobs in your own home.

Save Money

Another great reason for performing tech support from your own home is the financial rewards it offers. For one thing, you do not have to pay for the cost of commuting to work. This will save you thousands of dollars over the course of a year. You also don’t have to worry about spending a ton of money on eating out for lunch. You can make an inexpensive, healthy lunch right in your own kitchen. You also avoid the expense of maintaining a wardrobe of work clothing.

Work from Anywhere

Another great thing about doing work at home tech support is that you can do it from anywhere. If you decide to move to another state, then you will almost always be able to take your job with you. This is an incredible convenience that is not found with many other jobs. This job security is a real blessing in this age of company cutbacks and unemployment.

Getting a Tech Support Job Working at Home

If you want to get a job working tech support in your home, you will need a couple of things. You will need a computer with a fast, reliable Internet connection. You will also need a phone that is capable of supporting a headset. You also need a room that has no noise in it so you can receive customer support calls in total quiet.

For more information on the benefits and job responsibilities, be sure to read over our tech support for dummies post.

Best Sites for Finding Tech Support Jobs

When you are interested in working with computers and you would like a job in tech support, seeking out the right positions for you can be done right from home, online. Finding the best sites for tech support jobs can be done with a bit of research and an understanding of the type of job you want to obtain. Seeking tech support jobs is possible whether you have experience in the industry or if you simply want to work from home and with an entirely new type of position.

What are Tech Support Jobs?

Find Tech Support JobsTech support jobs are often positions that require you to understand a specific product, service or brand to help with customer questions, inquiries and in some cases, even complaints. When you are working in tech support, you are often provided with a manual on step by step processes which will help you to assist any customers you speak with regularly who may be having technical errors and issues with the specific brand, product or service. Assisting customers in tech support is often done over the phone, although it can also be done by using online systems and customer service portals depending on the job you want to work in.

It is important to have a base level of knowledge when working with technology and from home in tech support.


Indeed Tech Support JobsIndeed ( is a great resource when you are searching for tech support jobs and careers, as the website itself allows you to search by location, salary and even position titles and responsibilities. Utilizing Indeed does not require you to register to become a member and you can find jobs that are both local and even offered to those who are interested in working online from home.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired Tech Support JobsSimply Hired ( is another online resource that can help to find the type of tech support positions that you are interested in on your own and without local job boards and resources. Using Simply Hired helps to search for jobs by location, title, salary and even special filters including any qualifications and experience that may be required before you apply for the position. You can also search for jobs based on the position you are interested in, the company you want to work for specifically and even various job boards you prefer to use when you are applying for tech support openings online.

Specific Providers

You can also browse for the best tech support jobs by comparing computer manufacturers and other electronic companies for open and available positions. Tech support positions can be applied for online and right from home in many cases depending on where you live, where the job is located and your own skills and qualifications for the job.

Breaking into Work at Home Tech Support Jobs

Companies across the globe are finding it beneficial to outsource their jobs to at-home workers. There are many jobs available for qualified tech support agents, and the demand for professionals in the field is only growing. Getting tech support jobs is a matter of knowing which companies are in need of skilled employees.

The first step toward getting a job as a work at home tech support agent is to get experience in the field. In a work at home position, training is limited so companies look for people who already have the knowledge to perform the work. Tech support agents take inbound calls for people who need assistance with their computers, video game systems and cell phones. They also assist customers in finding the right products for their needs. These agents work both full and part-time shifts, and work at home agents enjoy schedule flexibility.

Companies that Hire Work at Home Tech Support Agents

Tech Support Work at Home JobsThere are many companies that hire tech support agents to work from home. The most notable, Apple, hires its techs to work from their home offices, troubleshooting iPhones, iPods and other Apple products. For these positions, tech support agents use video conferencing, phones, instant messaging and chat to deliver solutions to the client.

While Apple is one of the biggest sources of tech support jobs at home, there are other smaller companies that hire agents. Arise, Accolade Support, Cloud 10 and Grindstone are all big players in the work at home tech support industry. Alpine Access, one of the work at home career leaders, hires its staff as employees and offers a full benefits package. Working Solutions and Convergys, two of the other big names in inbound tech support, hire workers to solve user problems from home. These companies are always scouting out new talent, and finding a job wit them is easy for the right candidate.

Enjoying Success at a Tech Support Job at Home

The main thing you will need to be successful as a tech support agent is knowledge. You will be called upon to solve issues in an efficient manner, and in-depth information is a plus. You will need to have a wide range of working skills that will help you in troubleshooting common complaints. If you have extensive experience with a product or system, you will find it easy to find jobs in your field.

In addition to skills, you will need the right set up for your home office. In many cases, companies require a land line phone, headset and high speed Internet access. Check with each company for their individual requirements.

There is a growing need for at home tech support agents. If you would like to see a list of most sought after work at home jobs in the tech support niche, click here.