How To Contact Apple Tech Support

In the current hardware and peripheral market, Apple is an extremely popular manufacturer which has many devoted fans. They provide a wide range of products to consumers, including desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, wireless Internet devices, servers and computer peripherals such as wireless keyboards and mice. With this wide range of products comes, of course, the need to have a technical support infrastructure that allows users of all technical skill levels to be able to contact someone who can help them with any issues they may be having with their Apple products. Apple provides technical support for all of the aforementioned products via a variety of methods.

Using Apple Tech Support Online

Contact Apple Customer Tech SupportApple provides an online knowledge base, seen at, which offers technical support for Mac desktops and laptops, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Apple software including editions of OSX and iTunes and even older Apple products which are no longer manufactured. The support site offers video tutorials which allow users to see a visual demonstration on the setup and use of their purchased product. For users who may be having an issue with setting up, using or troubleshooting their Apple product, a variety of manuals are available to read on the site.

The support site also provides information regarding the technical specifications needed to use various types of offered hardware and software. Additionally, the support site offers the ability to download software and firmware updates as well as any other necessary tools to keep a device or product up to date and working properly. By using the support site, users can also recover their Apple ID and password, the information they use to log into the Apple website. AppleCare, the extended technical support plan offered by the company, can also be purchased on the site.

Contacting Apple For Technical Support

For users who need to talk to an Apple tech support representative, a variety of options are available. Apple products come with a standard 90 day complimentary telephone tech support as well as a limited warranty of one year. In order to contact Apple via the Internet regarding a specific technical issue with a device, users can go to Creating a support request online allows a user to select their specific product and narrow down their issue in order to get a response from Apple’s technical support team. Contacting Apple tech support through a direct email is not possible, as using the support site is the equivalent of doing so. Apple has a variety of international technical support hotlines which can be located at Apple users in every country can connect to a localized tech support hotline with representatives who speak their language and can help them with their technical support issue.

In America, Apple users can contact the basic tech support line by dialing 1-800-275-2273. Users who need technical support for an iPhone should dial 1-800-MY-IPHONE. For those looking to claim an Apple rebate, the number to call is 1-877-4-APL-PROMO. Educators who need tech support should call 1-800-800-2775. Enterprise users can reach tech support by dialing 1-866-752-7753. A mailing address is not provided by Apple for technical support use.