Best Sites for Finding Tech Support Jobs

When you are interested in working with computers and you would like a job in tech support, seeking out the right positions for you can be done right from home, online. Finding the best sites for tech support jobs can be done with a bit of research and an understanding of the type of job you want to obtain. Seeking tech support jobs is possible whether you have experience in the industry or if you simply want to work from home and with an entirely new type of position.

What are Tech Support Jobs?

Find Tech Support JobsTech support jobs are often positions that require you to understand a specific product, service or brand to help with customer questions, inquiries and in some cases, even complaints. When you are working in tech support, you are often provided with a manual on step by step processes which will help you to assist any customers you speak with regularly who may be having technical errors and issues with the specific brand, product or service. Assisting customers in tech support is often done over the phone, although it can also be done by using online systems and customer service portals depending on the job you want to work in.

It is important to have a base level of knowledge when working with technology and from home in tech support.


Indeed Tech Support JobsIndeed ( is a great resource when you are searching for tech support jobs and careers, as the website itself allows you to search by location, salary and even position titles and responsibilities. Utilizing Indeed does not require you to register to become a member and you can find jobs that are both local and even offered to those who are interested in working online from home.

Simply Hired

Simply Hired Tech Support JobsSimply Hired ( is another online resource that can help to find the type of tech support positions that you are interested in on your own and without local job boards and resources. Using Simply Hired helps to search for jobs by location, title, salary and even special filters including any qualifications and experience that may be required before you apply for the position. You can also search for jobs based on the position you are interested in, the company you want to work for specifically and even various job boards you prefer to use when you are applying for tech support openings online.

Specific Providers

You can also browse for the best tech support jobs by comparing computer manufacturers and other electronic companies for open and available positions. Tech support positions can be applied for online and right from home in many cases depending on where you live, where the job is located and your own skills and qualifications for the job.