10 Tips to Beef up Resumes of Technology Professionals

It’s difficult to imagine a world with oversupply of IT professionals. The technology sector is growing at a rapid pace that there will always be a job vacancy for the perfect candidate.

With the plethora of employment opportunities within this industry, you would wonder: should IT professionals still beef up their resumes? The answer is a resounding YES.

Here are some tips on how to ensure that the employers will notice your resume.

  1. Perfecting Your IT ResumeIt has to be simple and straightforward. Make as concise as possible. No more than two pages that should be read within just 10 seconds.
  2. Avoid the fancy layout and fonts. Black type font against a white paper is the standard.
  3. Create simple readable format that should be easily viewed in any computers or mobile phones.
  4. Make the first page as stellar as possible. You have to be reminded that most employers would read halfway down the page and will decide from there if they are going to continue reading or will throw the entire thing into the trash bin.
  5. Using the chronological order would do the trick. Start with recent employment and then work backwards. Do the same for education portion.
  6. Remove objectives or summary portion. No one reads this part, anyway. It is just all fluff and is not relevant.
  7. Use the power of “bold” fonts for numbers, percentages and statistics. These numbers tell stories. If you highlight these, there is a big chance that the employer’s attention will be caught.
  8. Eliminate vague keywords such as excellent communication skills, technical support skills, expertise in troubleshooting. They lack meaning.
  9. Highlight accomplishments, not just your job functions. An employer would be more interested on how effective you are in your role versus mere job descriptions.
  10. Quality writing matters. Proofread your resume before sending these out. Grammatical errors would likely to cause you an interview opportunity.

Why are people so obsessed in their resume that they spend time, money and effort to make sure that they have something very good to send out to prospect employers? Simply because, this is the only thing that a person can control during the entire job search process.

People agonize over their resumes because this is a representation of them and will be the first touch base with employers. But, it is not just about the resume. It does not have the powers to land you a job instantly. However, it can increase your potential to get interviewed and present yourself better face to face.

5 Tech Job Hot Spots in The United States

Tech jobs have jumped the highest (in the last decade) in terms of two things: number of employment opportunities and salaries.

Employers are now realizing the tight market that they need to work on. It’s either they pay to hire the right candidates or retain current workforce. The latter would always be the option. Who would want to let go of people who have underwent extensive trainings and have good tenure in the organization? The tendency is to bump up their salaries to perhaps lure them to reconsider.

Aside from adjusting the basic pay, companies are now recognizing the need to set up performance-based incentive program, internal promotions and company-wide merit increase. Apart from monetary incentives, businesses also offer employees challenging assignments and the ability to telecommute.

So, where will you find these tech jobs hotspots in the United States? Here’s the map.

1. Silicon Valley

IT JobsNorthern California

This community for tech elites in the United States needs no further introduction. If you want to rub elbows with the giants like Google, Facebook and Apple Inc., this is the place where you want to be, or perhaps work.

If there is a dream destination for tech fanatics out there, it has to be Silicon Valley.

2. Silicon Alley

New York City Area

This is where internet and new media companies in the Big Apple are concentrated. It has been a favorite hub for startups such as DoubleClick, Roo, IAC and MediaMind.

3. Dulles Tech Corridor

Northeast Virginia Area

Located just a stone throw away from the Washington Dulles International Airport, Dulles Tech Corridor is recognized for housing big guns in technology and defense companies. Headquarters of Verisign, Amazon Web Services and Wikimedia Foundation are all here.

4. FL High Tech Corridor

Central Florida

FL High Tech Corridor is an economic and technological center formed by three universities: University of Central Florida, University of South Florida and University of Florida. They provide grants to tech enthusiasts and funding as well.

5. Silicon Beach

Southern California

This is a 3-mile area within the heart of Los Angeles. This is where most tech startups are thriving. Organizations that are in here include TestFlight, Porter, The Honest Company and GumGum.

When you are still in college or a self-taught information technology enthusiast, you have got to start somewhere. These hotspots might come in handy when you are ready to embark on a journey to the tech sphere.

Ideal Jobs for Technical Moms Who Want to Work at Home

There is a wide range of options available for moms, ideally technical moms searching for home-based jobs. When exploring your available options, choose jobs that require a technical background. It is possible for technical moms to land on home-based jobs that give handsome pays due to the increasing demand and fewer workers available than other industries.

One of the most ideal home-based jobs for moms is as a Tech Support. If you have called a toll-free number of technical assistance, you probably have been transferred to another agent that will help you resolve the issues. That agent is practically a home-based worker. In most cases you might not know about this since you dialed the number of the company and it is as if you are dealing with someone who is really working works in the office.

Working Tech Jobs from Home

In this type of work, your employer will provide you special equipment to use so you can do your job and make it sound as though you are really working in an office. In addition, you will get software in order to directly connect to supervisors or other technical support staff just in case there are some issues that you can’t resolve alone. This is definitely a great home-based job for those moms that have relevant skills. The only disadvantage to this is that it won’t offer you much flexibility in the work hours. Like any other call center jobs, you have to be available on the time your employer assigned you with. However, you get to select your hours upfront.

Another job for you is web designing. You don’t have to be extremely knowledgeable in order for you to create a good website. In fact, little knowledge in HTML coding will do. This is true especially with so many user-friendly tools that are available today. There are many web builder tools you can download for free. You can definitely have a job with no initial investment.

The important requirements are your technical skills necessary for customization purposes. You can easily learn the eccentricity of the program you choose as there are a lot of forums and tutorials to take advantage of for various software programs.

Moms looking for technical home-based jobs can also apply as a technical writer. Your technical skills combined with your writing skills allow you to apply for freelance writing jobs. There are writing jobs that will require you to have technical skills to qualify. Most writers do not have such skills making this great home-based job to help you get in the arena of freelance writing. Common tasks that can be given to you may include white papers on technical issues, writing user manuals and blog posts on tech news and trends.

To get more valuable information, you can visit freelance writing job sites for technical writing positions and have at least to samples ready to be submitted to your future employers.

If you are a tech-savvy mom, try Technology Consulting as a job. There are available home-based jobs in consulting such and technology consulting is one of them. If you work with technology, then you are already a problem solver and the skills you have can be leveraged by applying as a consultant. In this type of job, you typically give recommendations to companies to help them in resolving technical issues which keep their businesses from operating and running well. Employers can accept the advice that you have given and in return, you will be paid for it. They might even offer short term and long term projects.

These are some of the technical home based jobs you can give a try. Apply for jobs that match both your skills and interests so you will learn to love your work and enjoy doing it.

The Happiest Workplaces for Tech Savvy Employees

Are you happy with your job? Are you still motivated, or do you drag yourself to work every single day? If you no longer find a purpose in going to work other than you need to earn money, you might be in some big trouble.

The next question would be: why many tech savvy folks find more fulfillment in their jobs than other non-tech employees?

  • Tech-based jobs are not as routinary as other jobs
  • Problem solving and decision making have to be accomplished almost everyday, making their lives less boring
  • They are paid relatively higher than usual
  • They are provided with better benefits – talk about Google where they provide free food, haircut, dental assistance, fitness centers and tons more

Customer Support and Tech Support Center

So, where will you find the happiest of the gleeful tech-based workers?

1. Intuit

You may be surprised that a software company that prepares financial and tax documents topped the list. Well, it’s all about the management no matter how tough and pivotal the roles are. The company’s headquarters is at Mountain View, California.

2. Texas Instruments

The Dallas-based semiconductors giant ranks second on the list. They are the world’s largest producer of digital signal processors and analog semiconductors.

3. Avaya

Avaya rules the world in terms of providing business communication and collaboration systems needs of clients globally. They supply contact centers with networking and unified communications services. They operate internationally and their main office is at Basking Ridge, New Jersey.

4. Google

The Google guys definitely know what will make their employees blissful. It’s like the dream place of anyone who goes crazy over freebies. Not to mention that they have relatively young and dynamic founders in Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Google’s presently based in Palo Alto, California.

5. EMC

The guys from Hopkinton, Massachusetts have made fortune by being able to go with the changes by way of innovation and reinvention. EMC Inc. is now a global leader in cloud solutions, virtualization, data storage and information security.

6. Intel

You can find their logos in every laptops and personal computers all over the world. Intel is the go to company for chip making. The “Pentiums” although quickly becoming a thing of the past, have made the organization reaped billions of dollars in global market. Their headquarters can be found in Santa Clara, California.

It is quite interesting to note that not money is the ultimate basis of happiness in these workplaces. Work-life balance and positive relationship with co-workers were cited as primary reasons of contentment and bliss.

Top 5 US Cities Where The Good Paying Tech Jobs Are

The boom of innovation within computer science and information technology sphere has paved the way for the proliferation of jobs with highly specialized skills in these fields. Many require college degree to qualify. Others are open for self-taught but experienced individuals. Well, take it from Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerburg – a degree will not always be just your key to success. But, it is important no matter what.

When the United States was hit by economic depression, massive jobs cuts were seen in the manufacturing and financial sectors. It was very minimal for the tech community. In fact, a number of companies have been posting vacancies for certain specialized positions.

IT and Tech Support Jobs

The list below will show you the cities that aggressively add tech-based jobs.

1. New York City (New York)

Where the big dream are realized – New York City! The Big Apple has more than 300,000 tech jobs to offer to qualified individuals. Pay scale can reach up to $100K for tech-based jobs, while those in other field can get up to $65K.

2. Washington DC

It is understandable that the country’s seat of power will be included in the list. After all, you need all the best tech guys in the world to work for the U.S. government and the military. There are nearly 300,000 tech-based jobs in here.

3. San Jose Valley/Silicon Valley (California)

The biggest and the brightest in tech are all here in Silicon Valley. California is not the only one that’s happy about it, but tech jobseekers as well. With more than 220,000 technology-related jobs, salary can be as much as $144K. The concentration of tech jobs in this city is the highest in the country. Just everybody you know in the neighborhood is techie.

4. Boston (Massachusetts)

The job growth related to information technology in Boston is following an upward trajectory. There are over 190,000 tech-based jobs in the Red Sox city. Pay grad is close to $96K.

5. Dallas – Fort Worth (Texas)

The bright lights of DFW will lead you to more than 176,000 jobs related to computer science and engineering. Techies working in this area can earn up to $84K. The founder of global tech company EDS was born in this city.

While these cities rank better than the others, it does not necessarily mean that there are no possible success story in other metropolitan areas.