Perfecting Your IT Resume

Writing a resume can be stressful. It needs to state the most basic and factual data about your education and your employment history, but it also needs to be able to convey your work ethic, personality and an idea of the kind of employee you would be. While trying to produce the perfect resume can be extremely anxiety inducing, the important thing to remember is that straightforward honesty and eloquence must be your starting points. There is no room to oversell or undersell yourself on the ideal resume. Think of it as an advertisement of yourself. Companies can not overstate the effectiveness or abilities of their product, and neither should you. However, in an advertisement, a company clearly conveys the benefit of the product and gives you a reason to be interested in it- this, too, is the goal of your resume.

Choosing The Right Type Of Resume For You

Many people who are preparing their first resume or looking to tailor an existing resume for an upcoming batch of job applications do not know that there are multiple types of resumes in existence. The nature of your experience and qualifications should determine what type of resume you choose to write. The most basic type of resume is a chronological resume. This resume type makes note of your employment history, listing the jobs that you have worked in reverse chronological order, with your current job or the last job at which you were employed topping the list. This also includes the time periods for which you were employed, allowing employers to see how long you typically hold a job and if you have had any gaps in employment.

For individuals who have several gaps in work history, are switching to a new career or simply has more scholastic and non job related experience than field experience, a functional resume is ideal. This resume type allows you to focus on your skill sets and any experience you have that would be helpful when working in a job in information technology. Finally, a combination resume is just what its name indicates- it is a resume which combines both your skill sets and relevant experience with your history of employment. In some cases, one of these versions is used as a targeted resume, which is specifically tailored to applying at one particular job.

What Not To Say On Your Resume

There are a number of things that can reduce the quality of your resume simply by their inclusion, and should therefore never be brought up. When writing about past jobs, a reason for leaving is often included- this should never include gripes about past bosses or coworkers. A simple, neutral and diplomatic reason is the only acceptable inclusion in this case. Additionally, job experience that has nothing to do with the position for which you are applying has little to no use. There is no need to list fast food gigs you had in high school or other irrelevant information. False information should obviously be avoided, as if an employer finds out about this after hiring you, you may be terminated immediately. Personal background information including sexual preference, religion and age are not relevant to a resume and should not be included.

Writing A Great Cover Letter

Finally, the first page of your resume is often the last that gets written- the cover letter. While writing a cover letter seems daunting, there are some simple tips that can make the process less intimidating and leave you feeling confident about what you have written. First, your cover letter does not need to be a novel. Keeping it short and sweet while reflecting your personality and work style is ideal. If you do not know who the resume is going to, it is not necessary to use a generic introduction. Repeating the contents of your resume will make your letter redundant and should be avoided. Finally, close the letter with a brief statement about how you feel your skill sets will make you an ideal employee for a position. A cover letter written in this fashion attracts attention and improves your chances of being hired.

Finding a Tech Support or Help Desk Job

The field of information technology is one which is highly competitive due to the number of individuals in the field who are seeking work at any given time. While there are many jobs within the industry, attaining one that is near the top of the potential pay grade for the field requires a distinct competitive edge. There are a variety of ways that individuals within the field can distinguish themselves from other applicants, but regardless, most wind up working their way up through the field. Some of the most common starting positions for workers in the information technology field are tech support and help desk jobs. While many of these positions are available, the competition for them can still be fierce. Finding your own competitive edge can take an investment of time and some wise decisions, but both investments pay off when seeking employment. Here are a number of ways that people in the industry make themselves more employable before searching for a tech support or help desk job.Finding Your Ideal Specification

The field of information technology is a broad one, encompassing most dealings with computers and the Internet. As such, there are a variety of specializations available for individuals who are seeking a certification or degree program. Choosing a specialization will create a curriculum for your degree or specification that guides you towards advanced knowledge in one specific area, such as software programming, web programming or network administration. Choosing a specification makes you more employable to companies that are looking for employees who have a wide berth of knowledge on certain topics. For example, a company that designs software will be more interested in hiring someone who specializes in software programming than someone else who simply has an information technology degree or certification.

Build A Resume That Your Ideal Employer Wants To Read

Tailoring a resume can be frustrating and time consuming, but it is also extremely necessary if you want to find the ideal tech support or help desk job. When your resume lands on the desk of someone who is responsible for selecting ideal job candidates, that resume needs to speak to that person for you to even get your foot in the door. Therefore, your resume must be tailored to the attainment of an IT job. To begin, consider which resume type is really ideal for you.

If you have employment experience in the IT field, a standard resume may be just what you need; however, if most of your experience took place in college or technical school without pay, consider a curriculum vitae, or CV. A CV allows you to detail your scholastic experience, grades and any awards or special programs you participated in. You want your resume to give a solid idea of your knowledge within the IT field, so avoid listing high school jobs and unrelated work if possible. Choose references who are professional and aware of your proficiency in the field, such as teachers. Consider asking those references for letters of recommendation. Finally, be sure to write a professional and eloquent cover letter which details your career goals.

Get An Education

Whether you choose certification, a two year degree or a four year degree, this need cannot be emphasized enough. In the highly competitive field of information technology, finding a decent job- and sometimes, finding a job at all- requires that you either go to college or seek out a certification. Many employers won’t even look twice at a resume from someone who doesn’t have a degree or certification, and statistically, it is the only way to reach the top of the pay grade for the field. In order to both be hired and advance within a company, pursuing higher education of some type is a must.

Work at Home Jobs that Pay

There are many ways to make money online and from the internet, and many of them can be done from the comfort of your own home. This holds true for many career choices outside of the IT and tech market.

You can see a listing of ten legitimate recommended work at home jobs that actually pay, along with our exciting new infographic below.

  1. Physical and Radiologist
    The highly skilled technicians who actually capture the images do seem to need to be on site to work on actual patient’s bodies, but the analysis of images can be completed from their living area.
  2. Computer Software Engineer
    Computer software engineers often work for software vendors or computer consulting firms. Because much of the computer engineer’s work is on a project basis, a number of individuals work as independent contractors at home.
  3. Financial Manager
    The financial industry has seen an increasing number of jobs in this sector moving to become available for telecommuters. It is possible for independent financial planners and advisers to base their offices out of their homes, as long as their homes provide a sufficiently professional environment.
  4. Post-secondary Teachers
    Teaching online seems the most obvious work at home profession for a teacher. Online educational service connects students to tutors from computers in their local library, community center, school, after school program or even from home.
  5. Market and Survey Results
    Big businesses spend millions of dollars every year conducting market research and collecting consumer opinions. There is no limit to how much money you can make because your income is determined by how much work you can get done from home.
  6. Registered Nurses
    For registered nurses home based positions require years of experience in the target area of expertise with a solid clinical background.
  7. Public Relations Specialists
    Public relations offices are busy places to work in and the schedules can be irregular and frequently interrupted. Schedules often have to be rearranged so that workers can meet deadlines, deliver speeches, attend meetings and community activities or travel.
  8. Writers and Authors
    Writers and authors explain terms in a very simple language with suitable ideas that are difficult for the average reader to understand.
  9. Tax Preparers
    Tax preparation can be done effectively with very little overhead. Many people have an aversion to doing their own taxes and it’s recommended to have this done by experts.
  10. Graphic Designers
    Graphic designers develop visual solutions to the communication needs for clients using a mix of creative skills and business metrics.

Work at Home and Make Money Quickly

10 Tips For Securing an IT Job in 2013

Finding a job in the field of information technology is a process which requires many steps to assure success. Whether choosing IT as a career when finishing high school or switching to IT as a career later in life, the basic rules to follow are the same. Although the process can seem intimidating, by being willing to devote time and effort, you can prepare yourself for an excellent and lucrative position in the field of information technology. By following these ten simple steps, you will be assured that you are headed in the right direction in your quest for success in the IT field.

10 Tips For Securing an IT Job in 20131. Get a certification or college degree – The field of information technology is extremely competitive, and many employers won’t look at your resume twice without an education. Even if you don’t have time for a college degree, a certification will still set you apart from the crowd.

2. Seek real world experience – If you are a student in the IT field, consider a variety of potential ways to gain real world experience during your schooling. These can include work studies, internships, externships and volunteering. Real world experience makes you more employable after graduation.

3. Gain a competitive edge – Because the information technology field is competitive, setting yourself apart by having a competitive edge is important. Consider getting a certification in addition to a degree or choosing a specialization for your degree to ensure that you are gaining knowledge that will make you an ideal hire.

4. Tailor your resume – Having a resume that is best suited for your needs and contains all pertinent information presented in a factual way while leaving out irrelevant experience is the best way to make your resume attractive to companies who may be looking to hire you. Make sure your resume is always updated and accurate.

5. Choose professional references – Listing your mom or a boss from a high school job as a reference looks unprofessional. Instead, choose favorite professors, a mentor or someone else who has worked with you in a professional, adult capacity who you trust to give a good assessment of your abilities as an IT pro.

6. Write a great cover letter – When it comes to topping your resume, make sure to keep it short and sweet and not summarize the information that’s already there. Make a point about your work ethic and interest in the company and close with a powerful statement about the skill sets and benefits you would bring to the table.

7. Seek out letters of recommendation – Although they aren’t always needed, having a few glowing letters of recommendation from bosses or beloved professors in your portfolio can come in handy when you need to whip out some impressive proof of your skills. Always ask politely and never pressure someone for a letter- and, of course, make sure to ask people who actually like you!

8. Make use of networking – Building a professional network outside the Internet that consists of professional classmates, professors, coworkers and other people who may have useful connections can go a long way in ensuring that you hear about job opportunities and job opportunities hear about you.

9. Use the web – There are tons of great job searching websites on the Internet, some of which even give you the opportunity to be recruited. Making use of these sites to consistently apply for jobs and get your name out there is key in finding the IT job you really want.

10. Interview well – When you score a job interview, research the company, learn about their politics, think about what they are looking for in a candidate, dress professionally and speak intelligently and diplomatically. Turn off your cell phone and bring extra copies of your resume for a professional edge.

How To Contact Best Buy Tech Support

Best Buy, a consumer electronics retail corporation which has stores in America, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and China, is one of the most popular locations for the purchase of a wide variety of products. TVs, home theater equipment, stereos, speakers, mp3 devices, mobile phones, cameras, camcorders, computers, tablets, GPS systems, office peripherals, health, fitness and sports products, movies, music, musical instruments, video games, toys, home accessories and appliances are among the many products marketed by Best Buy. With over a thousand stores across their operative countries, Best Buy has been a part of the consumer electronics market for some time. Their proprietary technical support team, Geek Squad, is a well known aspect of their end user services.

Contacting Best Buy Technical Support Online

How to Contact Best BuyAs a retailer, Best Buy offers a variety of products which are made by different manufacturers. As such, for many products, seeking technical support through the store itself is not as effective for a user as directly contacting the manufacturer of a product with technical questions or issues. However, Best Buy’s Geek Squad is a functioning team of computer experts who provide technical support for a variety of devices. Because the products sold by Best Buy are not directly manufactured by the retailer, their technical support is considered an additional option rather than an entitled feature by virtue of purchase. As such, accessing tech support through Geek Squad requires that a user sign up and pay for a support plan via the Geek Squad website, located at

Geek Squad offers tech support plans which cover 24/7 repairs and maintenance for a variety of devices, including cameras and camcorders, car electronics, computers, e-readers, gaming devices, GPS units, health and fitness equipment, home theater equipment, major appliances, mobile phones, mp3 players and musical instruments. With these plans, repair or replacement of a malfunctioning device is guaranteed. For users looking for an unlimited tech support plan through Geek Squad, a technical support plan which includes regular virus removal, computer tune ups and Internet security software. This service, which starts at $9.99 per month, allows users to receive live support by chatting with an agent online in addition to in store support.

Contacting Best Buy Technical Support Via Other Means

Because Best Buy’s Geek Squad is an entity onto itself which offers repair and replacements, one of the most common ways of contacting the technical support professionals is by physically visiting the retailer to discuss the malfunctioning product. Geek Squad additionally provides in home technical support to users for up to 90 minutes at a rate of $49.99 for each visit. If an in home visit or trip to the retailer is not necessary, users can contact one of Best Buy’s Geek Squad experts by dialing 1 800 433 5778. Contact via live chat and telephone is available at unlimited rates to users with a Geek Squad tech support plan. Support is available for up to PCs, Macs or tablets, regardless of where the items were purchased. Best Buy does not currently offer a postal address for technical support queries.

How To Contact Skype Tech Support

Skype is a popular software application which allows users of desktop and laptop computers, tablet PCs and Android or iOS devices to place VoIP calls or chat via text to other users. The software was initially released in 2003, and rapidly grew in popularity, offering both free services and more advanced paid features. In 2011, Microsoft bought the heavily favored software platform for $8.5 billion dollars. Skype allows free users to have unlimited voice conversations and text chats with other users who are signed into the program, while paid users are given the opportunity to buy credits, allowing them to use the VoIP telephone number assigned by Skype as an active number. This allows the user to both place and receive calls from land line telephones or cell phones. Skype can also be used as a platform for video conferencing and file transfer between users, making the software effective for both personal and business use. Skype offers technical support for both free and paid users.

Contacting Skype Tech Support Online

How to Contact SykpeLike many tech companies and software platforms, Skype’s primary method of offering technical support is via a knowledge base on their website, located at This knowledge base allows users to search their question or issue to see if the answer they are looking for is already available on the Skype website. A list of the most commonly asked questions is available on the site, as is a list of guides on how to use Skype for a variety of purposes. Commonly asked questions can also be browsed by topic, including calling, video calling, messaging, technical issues, account support, Skype for devices, Skype for business and other topics. The knowledge base webpage also allows users to connect with the Support Forum, located at, in order to discuss any questions or issues that may not have been covered by the knowledge base itself.

Skype users whose questions were not answered by the knowledge base also have the option of speaking to a technical support representative by initiating a Live Chat. Technical support contact information is posted on their website, located at In order to initiate a chat, a user should click the Live Chat link. They will be prompted to sign into their Skype account and select the topic of their question. They will be provided with common technical information about that topic. If that information is not helpful, they can then continue the support request via a live chat by clicking Continue Support Request and selecting the live chat option. When going through this process, the user will also be given the option of sending an email support request via a website template. A direct email address is not provided.

Contacting Skype Technical Support Via Other Methods

Currently, the only methods of accessing technical support for the Skype software platform are through the knowledge base located on their website as well as via email or live chat. Telephone technical support is not currently available to Skype users. Skype has not publicized a postal address at which they can be reached for any technical support queries.

How to Contact Microsoft Tech Support

The first line of technical support for software and online applications is always the Help file. This option is free and is always and immediately available. Specifically for Microsoft applications, the Help file is identified by a question mark icon in the top right corner of the screen or window. Clicking on the question mark will cause the Help window to display, which provides a search field. Enter the key words for your issue into this field and press ENTER or click on the magnifying glass. The application will search for an appropriate response.

Contact Microsoft Tech SupportWhen the search results from your first attempt do not help or are not specific enough, go to the Microsoft home page at From the home page, select the Support option and then select the type of product or topic for which you need support from the following options: Microsoft Support home, Microsoft forms, Windows help & how-to, Office help & how-to, Support for small business, Support for developers, and Support for IT professionals. The support pages for products such as Office and Windows offer training videos, links to blogs, frequently asked questions, as well as a link to live technical support.

If you select to use live technical support you will be navigated through a series of pages and drop-down lists to narrow down your issue. This assists Microsoft in routing you to the proper technician or subject matter expert. (Note: You can also call for Microsoft technical support at 1-800-936-2500.) Be forewarned, however, that the Microsoft representative has 24 hours in which to respond to your request AND charges may apply. Many companies purchase technical support when they make major software license buys, such as when they purchase a Microsoft license enterprise agreement. If your technical issue is work related, it might help to contact your company Help Desk to determine what type of technical support is available from Microsoft if the standard Help file does not provide enough information.

Another option for obtaining technical support for Microsoft products is to contact a company that has been certified by Microsoft to provide solutions for its software. A quick internet search will reveal the myriad of companies authorized to assist with Microsoft fixes and a double-check at will reveal which of the companies claiming to be authorized dealers are actually authorized dealers.

How to Contact Verizon Tech Support

Verizon Communications is one of the largest and most notable telecommunications companies in existence. It serves millions of customers, many of whom use the company’s wireless telephone service. However, Verizon also offers a number of other telecommunications services from broadband Internet access to fixed-line television service. Since the company deals with so many technologically advanced offerings, its customers often need help when it comes to technical support. Those who have wondered how to contact Verizon tech support become confused, sometimes, because they are unsure how to reach the people who can help them. Thankfully, contacting Verizon tech support is simple, but it is necessary for consumers to know which divisions of the company to contact.

Contact Verizon Tech SupportVerizon tech support is available for all of the company’s offerings, whether customers are residential or business users of the company’s services and products. Verizon maintains a strong support staff of experts to help with a variety of issues. Wireless telephone tech support is provided for the company’s many mobile phone customers, and this type of support extends to those who use the Verizon network for Internet connections. For example, an individual might have a wireless plan that includes Internet access for his or her tablet or mobile Wi-Fi device. Therefore, he or she might want to contact the company for tech support for help with a phone, tablet, mobile hotspot or the network itself.

Verizon also offers tech support for those who use the company’s FiOS services, which include Internet and television. Additionally, help is provided for those who require assistance with land lines, DSL, security and home monitoring. Regardless of the reason for contacting support, consumers should feel confident about the ease with which they can reach personnel who can help them.

Best Ways to Contact Verizon Tech Support

The easiest way to contact Verizon tech support is through the company’s website. Mobile phone and mobile broadband users should visit the website for the best service. When there, they can simply click on the link for Support at the top of the page. Then, they can select from a list of options. Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, lists are available on the website, but online chat options are also available. Additionally, wireless customers can dial *611 from their devices to be connected with customers service representatives. What’s more, consumers can email support directly by using a form on the website.

Wireless customers have some additional options for contacting support. Toll-free telephone access is provided by calling 800 922 0204. Additionally, they can send inquiries via the US Postal Service by mailing to the Verizon Wireless Customer Service Department at 777 Big Timber Road in Elgin, IL. The zip code is 60123.

Verizon customers that use the company’s non wireless services have a number of ways to reach technical support options, also. The best way is to visit the website From there, consumers can click on the Support link at the top of the web page, then follow the appropriate prompts depending upon the type of service that requires assistance. Once consumers have chosen the appropriate links, they are offered options for email, telephone and web chat support.

How To Contact Samsung Tech Support

Samsung is one of the most popular manufacturers of mobile devices, TVs, Blu-ray and DVD players, home theater systems, projectors, photography equipment and office devices including desktop and laptop computers, tablet PCs, monitors, printers and storage devices. With such a wide variety of products on the market, it is necessary for Samsung to have effective and comprehensive technical support available to consumers. Samsung products are used by people of all technical levels, and therefore, having a variety of methods by which technical support can be contacted is necessary to make their support truly effective. Contacting Samsung technical support is simple and may be done in several ways.

Contacting Samsung Technical Support Online

Contact Samsung Tech SupportSamsung provides a support website which allows users to access a wide variety of technical support information that may help them solve their problem without actually needing to contact the technical support team. Since some issues are easy to troubleshoot and remedy, this can save time for both users and tech support staff. By visiting the Samsung support site, located at for American users, a user can download device manuals that may have been lost, drivers that are required to make products work, firmware for a variety of devices and software necessary to ensure device compatibility.

The support site also provides thorough FAQs, which can answer some of the most frequently asked questions for those in need of tech support. The site also provides step by step instructions for the setup and use of Samsung devices. Mobile devices, TV and video equipment, photography equipment and office devices are all included in Samsung’s technical support. Devices can be located via model number or by searching through an easy to understand menu of devices manufactured by the company. Product support videos which detail tips, tricks, how to guides and product overviews are also available. By visiting the contact page of the support site, located at, users can enter a live chat with a Samsung tech support representative at any time on any day.

Other Methods Of Contacting Samsung Technical Support

For users who are unable to solve their technical support query using the website or live chat, technical support is also available by email. The support site provides a comprehensive email system in which the user is first asked to select their specific product, then asked what their inquiry is regarding and finally given the most common questions and answers for their specific product and issue before being prompted to continue with the email if necessary. The site then allows the user to provide information about their product as well as their first and last name, zip code, email address, phone number and their question for technical support. Files such as screenshots of error messages or other information may be attached to the email via the website.

For users unable to use other forms of technical support or who may lack a device or working Internet connection with which to do so, support is also available by phone. Mobile phone users should call 1-888-987-HELP. Questions about Samsung apps should be directed to 1-888-899-7609. Queries about laptops, printers, Galaxy Tabs and other products should be directed to 1-800-SAMSUNG. Hard disk drive issues can be solved by calling 1-800-732-4283. Business users should call 1-866-SAM4BIZ, and, finally, the hearing impaired should call 1-888-899-7608 for support. A postal address is not provided for contacting the company.

How To Contact Apple Tech Support

In the current hardware and peripheral market, Apple is an extremely popular manufacturer which has many devoted fans. They provide a wide range of products to consumers, including desktop computers, laptop computers, smartphones, mp3 players, tablets, wireless Internet devices, servers and computer peripherals such as wireless keyboards and mice. With this wide range of products comes, of course, the need to have a technical support infrastructure that allows users of all technical skill levels to be able to contact someone who can help them with any issues they may be having with their Apple products. Apple provides technical support for all of the aforementioned products via a variety of methods.

Using Apple Tech Support Online

Contact Apple Customer Tech SupportApple provides an online knowledge base, seen at, which offers technical support for Mac desktops and laptops, iPods, iPhones, iPads, Apple software including editions of OSX and iTunes and even older Apple products which are no longer manufactured. The support site offers video tutorials which allow users to see a visual demonstration on the setup and use of their purchased product. For users who may be having an issue with setting up, using or troubleshooting their Apple product, a variety of manuals are available to read on the site.

The support site also provides information regarding the technical specifications needed to use various types of offered hardware and software. Additionally, the support site offers the ability to download software and firmware updates as well as any other necessary tools to keep a device or product up to date and working properly. By using the support site, users can also recover their Apple ID and password, the information they use to log into the Apple website. AppleCare, the extended technical support plan offered by the company, can also be purchased on the site.

Contacting Apple For Technical Support

For users who need to talk to an Apple tech support representative, a variety of options are available. Apple products come with a standard 90 day complimentary telephone tech support as well as a limited warranty of one year. In order to contact Apple via the Internet regarding a specific technical issue with a device, users can go to Creating a support request online allows a user to select their specific product and narrow down their issue in order to get a response from Apple’s technical support team. Contacting Apple tech support through a direct email is not possible, as using the support site is the equivalent of doing so. Apple has a variety of international technical support hotlines which can be located at Apple users in every country can connect to a localized tech support hotline with representatives who speak their language and can help them with their technical support issue.

In America, Apple users can contact the basic tech support line by dialing 1-800-275-2273. Users who need technical support for an iPhone should dial 1-800-MY-IPHONE. For those looking to claim an Apple rebate, the number to call is 1-877-4-APL-PROMO. Educators who need tech support should call 1-800-800-2775. Enterprise users can reach tech support by dialing 1-866-752-7753. A mailing address is not provided by Apple for technical support use.